Ransomeware negotiation

In critical cases, it can make more sense to negotiate with ransomware criminals. Responders.NU assists you in making this decision. We have experience with various ransomware groups and know what is feasible and realistic to expect. Based on this information, you can make a cost-benefit analysis to recover as quickly as possible.

How it works

Based on a questionnaire and the information position, a strategy is determined for the negotiations. Responders.NU actively monitors communication and offers full transparency in communication. When an agreement is reached, Responders.NU facilitates the ransom payment.


Should I negotiate with the attackers?

Sometimes it can benefit to understand the motives of the attackers, from that perspective it can be valuable to start a dialog.

Should I pay?

At Responders.NU we believe, as many others that you should never pay a cybercriminal for extortion. However, there are multiple reasons why negotiating and paying is sometimes the only viable option. In that case Responders.NU can assist you.

Crypto currency

Responders.NU has set up the process to purchase crypto currency in such a way that this can take place within 1 hour.

Information position

Responders.NU knows which strategic information may be important to you and how this information can be leveraged during negotiations with the attackers. This ensures that you can make a better cost-benefit analysis.

Negotiation strategy

Responders.NU creates a comprehensive negotiation strategy that applies to the specific situation of your company. Various elements can be relevant that contribute to obtain the best result. Active threat intelligence is used by Responders.NU to benefit you.


Responders.NU has extensive experience in making deals with cyber criminals. We can never guarantee the outcome, but we ensure that extensive agreements are made and ensure that these agreements are fulfilled in the best possible way.

Decryption support

Responders.NU has a lot of experience in decrypting networks and we use this knowledge to decrypt your data as quickly as possible to bring your business back online.

Our method

Rapid response

Time is one of the most important factors during incident that influences the impact and containment. We have Rapid Response tools and technology available to quickly gather and collect evidence for rapid insights.


Without trust it is hard to get things done. Especially fort that reason we work with frameworks that can offer the highest level of discretion and trust.


We believe it is important to offer the highest possible quality. We therefore require all our specialists to be SANS trained and GIAC certified, the holy grail.